Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Divine Power

Hello My Beautiful Family!!

Missed another week. I know that's trash but due to good reasoning though. For you should know I will drop two blogs this week to make up. I don't want to waste anytime for I am excited about what God has done in my life and I want to encourage you in the Lord's divine power for I am already in tears. 

Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, we are so gracious and grateful for Your love and faithfulness. You are everything we need and more, Your love liberates us in all aspects of life which may be cherished until Your return. Lord, use us for the vessels we were called to be and shine light on all things of You so Your Kingdom will be glorified. May we all be reflections of  Your amazingness, to love, care, and serve just like you. For all things we do are in honor of You. Amen.

So honored to be able to speak on the Divine Power of God. I feel as Christians we speak on our Fathers abilities to be great, amazing, awesome, good, fantastic, and even dope but DIVINE is a word  we don't mediate on too often. It has become my favorite word to describe God and almost every time I end up in tears. 
Question, asking for a friend at what point do we (Christians) stop flat out ballin' crying on the goodness of Jesus because I...I mean my friend is tired of being a complete crybaby. BUT just pray for my friend! Fix it Jesus (😂) .

Here are three ways God revealed His divine power to me:

Though things are not perfect and I believe will never be perfect God has given me the ability to understand His level of strength and peace or His Divine positioning. God's divine positioning is just another way to say attitude, it's the position you stand in that can't be shifted or shaken due to your environment. His divine positioning keeps you from the destruction worldly hurt brings. God's divine positioning allowed me to be at the right time in the right environment to avoid all things that was not of Him. No matter who said what, actions that were done, and even in situations I couldn't handle God's presence was so thick I never had to stop to wonder where He was. One of my favorite things about God is that He does not hide from us. His presence is always known and consuming which I am absolutely grateful for.

While being divinely positioned, He was able to reveal to me His Divine order. I think as Christians we get caught up thinking that God will just completely reveal to us our entire life plan without actually considering that we are walking into our divine order as we speak. Being connected to God is one of the best things we can do as Christians, and really focus on God! As we focus on God, He allows things to just simply makes sense. The hurt that was once felt about "ole boy" just suddenly doesn't hurt like it use to, those girls that use to talk about you so loud are one day silenced, though their mouths are still moving, suddenly you just can't hear them anymore. Those family members that have so much to say about your career plan SUDDENLY don't have anything to say anymore because your divine order is in place and they can see you can't be dispositioned in your divine positioning. He allowed me to know that His divine order puts everything in order and I should fear nothing because of who He.

Lastly, while walking into His divine order. He allowed me to understand the meaning of His divine connections. You know those people in your life who you just click with? Those people who you happen to run into that are perfect for your business, family, and growth in ministry?, YES, those people you hang with that just suddenly makes sense. Vibes are great, conversation is always uplifting, and when we come together it's nothing but proof of what God can do when sinners clean up their act and become saints.

Know that God keeps His promise. I believe that standing in complete expectation to what He says is a clear indication of trust we have for Christ and gives us a divine power that we can only access. Isn't that powerful?
As Christians, we have a certain ability to access a resource others don't believe in. This resource allows us to be joyous in our darkness but know that all things come together for the good of those who trust in the Lord for the divine plan He has for our lives exceeds our little imagination. The question for you though sis is do you believe His divine plan on your life?

May we all focus on God's divineness more than ever. May we not be deceived by what we want but eager for everything divinely ours. May our prayers focus on not what we can get from God but what He wants from us.
Today mediate on Hebrews 12:1-3 & Pray more then ever!! 
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