Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Remembering My Inner Ruth

My Beautiful Family I have missed you so much!!!! I hate being away for so long....I know it's only been a week BUT it feels like a lifetime. 

Whatever! y'all know how dramatic and extra I am, DEAL WITH IT!!!😂😂 
Anywho, how are my loved ones? I really do wish I can talk to you individually and just pick your brains because I have so much to tell you. For the past two weeks, I have been out of touch it's been hard to pray for myself and even worse to get things done. When you are a creator and love to get things done the enemy always finds a way to creep in and try to ruin what God created you for, that's why I had to get back to remembering my inner Ruth. 

Let Us Pray
Heavenly Father, Thank You for the opportunity to speak to your people. I never take the assignments you have put me on lightly. You mean everything to me and I truly just want to share that love with Your people. I thank You for the people who read this and will be touched by my words. I just want to be Your light, Your vessel, and to encourage others to do the same thing through the gifts you have given us all individually. Thank You for Your love, grace, mercy, and faithfulness to us, it will never go without gratefulness. Amen.

Last year, I did my first guest blog with The Eve Release (link below), the purpose of the Eve Release ministries is to initiate conversation of women in the bible and the struggles today's women go through. At that time, I was studying the book of Ruth, her challenges reminded me so much of myself so we just I always call her "My girl Ruth". She spoke directly to me and my struggles. From taking care of the older women in her life, to just doing what she needed to do in order to just simply survive, Ruth is me and I am her. If we were the same age we would probably be best friends. Her journey was inspiring not because her end result but because of the grace and elegance she had well enduring it. 

This past week made me focus on who I am in the eyes of God, my value, and where I stand as a woman. I was directed to Ruth's journey and how during her tough times she never complained or even looked back. She kept going, We don't realize that the slightest turn in our lives can change our whole perspective of the world and ourselves. A simple memory of our ex's can make us feel unworthy to be with loved, the thought of being jobless makes us feel inadequate and less than, not having a degree makes us feel as though we can't properly provide but is that what God sees? 

The ways of the world makes us turn away from ourselves thinking we need labels and titles to define who we are as individuals but what does God say about you?  This is EXACTLY why we must open our Bibles. Ruth had her whole life together, but when that fell apart she never question what God was doing in her season. She never let her situations change her name, for me I wish I knew this story before  my hard times. For my birthday, one of my good friends sent me a video of myself and I was so intoxicated I don't even recognize myself. I cry everytime I see that video because of how good God has been to me and how He has saved me from myself. Ruth, never would have let the things that she was going through change who she was as a woman. She was strong, firm, and did what needed to be done with no questions. 

Ruth sat in her divine positioning, because of her faithfulness to God's people and His assignment. She was blessed and protected along with the blessing God entrusted her with. It's funny how God gives us assignments and we choose to run away and ignore what He told us to do. Only to end up exactly where He told us to go. The story of Jonah is the perfect story but since I am talking about Ruth, I will continue. She was fearless on her new journey to just go and allow everything to divinely fall into place according to God's positioning. If you read my blog "The Divine Power" you would understand that in this very moment God's divine order has been positioning me for everything that I am suppose to walk into. 

SIS, are you still sleeping? WAKE UP! Throughout this week everything that could take over my mind, has taken over my mind which takes over my actions and a clear understanding of who I am as the woman I was called to be. It has to STOP! You are more than a conqueror, you are more than the titles and labels placed on your life, you are more than the ex who walked away from you and you are way more than the generational curses that tried to take you out! You are a reflection of the grace, elegance, and strength that oozed from the God fearing woman of Ruth. You are going to walk into everything that is meant for you, but how are you facing your biggest challenges?

The book of Ruth begins with death but by the end of chapter 2 we see the start of new life. Are you dying to the old things with hopes of entering and engaging in everything new? The death of things should change your expectations of your life. You should no longer expect but be completely open to what you will walk into.

As women, may we all have heart to die a hard death to what was, with complete expectation to what will be. God doesn't give us favor without protection and He trust us with the call He has placed specifically on our life. 
Sis, YOU ARE THAT GIRL!!! You are on the road to great things, just like Ruth. Your vulnerability and openness means you're on the verge to breakthrough. 
Do you believe that? 

Today mediate on Ruth (entity), Jonah, and pray over your journey to greatness
Meanwhile, check out me and other women of God guest blogs with the Eve Release ministry

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