Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dating The Right Way?

Hey, My Beautiful Family!!!

Lately I have been experiencing some interesting things when it comes to "dating" or "getting to know" someone. It's like if guys aren't intimidated to talk to me, they are making assumptions on the kind of woman I am and where my values lay, or they under underestimate my standards maybe because I have a sweet, welcoming face. I don't say that as a bad thing, I just think that if you don't have any teeth in your mouth your approach should be minimal or you should find a way to fill me out before going in for the kill, but that's either here or there!

Though, I don't judge the extent others have been blessed physically. I do judge how you take care of yourself because at some point we got to the point where teeth didn't matter and I have to say that this is a problem sir. I am probably one of the simplest people someone can date. I don't ask for much but for us to truly be best friends and for you to keep your word AT ALL TIMES. If you say you will love me forever, that's exactly what I expect. Though maybe that's a lack on my terms, because in reality I don't even know if that's enough. Maybe me asking for too little opens that door for so many things to come in, "the list" of a relationship is what keeps the relationship in check and as soon as one of those things are jeopardized its fair game to throw the towel in. I don't think like that and maybe my need for openness hinders the strictness guys need.

When did relationships become so complicated?
Before we even get a chance to say "Hello", we are a challenged and flooded with superficial appearances and societal goals. Everyone has an opinion on what we need in a mate and who we look good with, not knowing the daily struggle to simply be sweet to each other. Though, we hold it together for the sake of "the church". God allows us to have free will, so I ask does your free will focus on happiness, growth, and God or your attempt to make God happy? (email me if this confuses you). God doesn't need your approval to be happy nor does He need you to be looking over your shoulder with the hopes of making Him smile knowing you are miserable. Which opens a whole other line of sin that I can talk about in different post.

See me, I am HAPPILY single and ACTIVELY preparing for marriage, there is no rush but I can't help to think does my desire to get married overshadows my desire to be in a Godly relationship. We must understand that even the slightest approval/disapproval from our parents, friends, and even society takes us out of the will of God. Does your relationship glorify God or what your parents want for you? Our we truly taking the time to ask God what we need in a helpmeet? Do we even know our Godly purpose to even be asking for a purpose partner?

Family, stop letting people regulate with God has for you by putting their opinions before God. We must be extremely eager to seek His face and voice over that of others who may love us but didn't create us. We must be fearless when it comes to walking into things that are ordained for us. Today, I pray that we can be honest with ourselves that though they may physically meet the requirements do they match them spiritually. I pray that we are checking our God list twice not only for what they do in the church but what they can do for us personally. Our helpmeets does not sleep with our parents, friends, or family....What are you doing to secure your future?

Today ask God to simply reveal and mediate on what He wants!
Lets us Pray: Father God, we just want to thank you! Thank You for our helpmeets and thank you for allowing us to be helpmeets. Though at times society and the people around us affect the way we view things, thank You for guiding us back to where we need to be. Thank You for loving us enough to send us help even though we make things seem more difficult than they actually are, Thank you for the relationships that have and will end, grow, and even be mended because you see fit and not because it's in our hands. Lord we give all things back to You. Love you more than everything, I pray that a surrender happens so that nothing is affected when it comes to the things that You want form us. Amen.

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