Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PT1-My First Think Test Blog: Doing the right thing?

FAM!!! Hey Family!!!!!!

I need this release on today. This pass weekend has been hectic!!!, but beyond any words can express I am so grateful for everyone that reach out to me in text, social media, or physically showing up to celebrate the legendancy of my father. For this time has been EXTREMELY emotional but through the grace of God emotions or having peace wasn't an issue. People I haven't seen in years and ones I just met showed support for my family and I am beyond grateful for it.

Let us pray:
Father God, You are a Healer. You provide a peace in the midst of the storm that no one could truly ever understand but yet, we are so grateful for it.  The love You have for us speaks volumes through the situations we go through, but aren't mentally or emotionally affected by and for that I thank You. Thank You for being out rock that we can lean on, thank You for being so big and mighty that You are handling all things while we worry about nothing, thank You for being the Most High and showering us with blessings, protection, love, faithfulness, and Your presence at all times for our continuous growth in all things of You. Thank You, we love you more than anything. Amen.

Doing the right thing can seem impossible at times so we make sure that we destruct more then we build, we tear down, ruin, and destroy things and people that we never intended to. I feel it's all a reflection of who we are in the season we are in. They say "hurt people, hurt people" and though I know that as a fact I doubt we take the time to fully support the people we love. Should we hold ourselves accountable for our loves ones?  We want to live in awe everyday of the glorious desires of our hearts. We want God to show up and show out in our lives but is it our responsibility to hold our brother and sisters burdens? To help them through? To hold their hand? Is praying enough? because prayer without works is dead. 

Personally, I don't think so. I feel that I am not big enough or powerful enough to hold my burdens and the burdens of the people around me. I can't be held accountable for someone else's journey because I can barely get through mine. I barely can hold myself up with scriptures and His word with continuous remainders of who He is daily. THIS JOURNEY IS HARD!! Christians have to wake up daily and put on the full armor of God, we are already held to higher standards to "do the right thing". It's an expectation that is set up for us that,because we are who we are and follow who we follow we are EXPECTED to act a certain way. The most hurtful thing is that when we don't it's an attack on Christ and not an attack our personal character of being a human. It's literally Jesus on the cross for us all over again. Him being crucified and not us,the sinners the ones who have free will and chose to do whatever we want.

So I ask again, should we be held accountable for our brothers and sisters? Should DAILY we be pouring into them? Saving them from themselves? or even helping them out of things that are harmful to their God given character and talents. We do have on the full armor of God right?

Think about this if you say no like I did, do you really love Jesus? because you would prefer Him get crucified all over again for this world because you don't want to step in and help your brothers and sisters? Do you think that you being a reflection of the divine connections God has provided is a reflection of you and Jesus? Do you care about the soul, salvation, and spiritual growth of those around you? How spiritually strong are your prayer warriors? 

MEDIATE, Respond, and see what part 2 will bring.

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  1. Interesting topic! I believe that we are to carry those burdens to God in prayer. However we are to be Spirit-led. Every assignment is not our assignment. Sometimes we simply are not ready. How can we lead others to freedom in an area in which we are currently bound? We must feed, exercise and prepares our spirits and use wisdom. Otherwise we will open up doors that we, nor the party in need can truly handle and essentially do more damage than good.

  2. I try to accept that some of my actions may not be the best and to not repeat them in the future.

    1. Great way of thinking but how do you help others with their actions if you are bond? Do you have ppl to hold you accountable?

  3. My pastor just spoke on this at bible study. I believe we are here to help each other through this journey of life. There will be times when we can't be of help because we need it, and there will be times when we are of services to others.